The Water Mirror

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Although it is only about twenty years old, the 'Miroir d'Eau' has quickly become one of the most popular tourist-favorite destinations in the city despite being situated directly across from a monument that is nearly three centuries old. This magnificent pool is situated opposite Place de la Bourse and overlooks the Garonne River. It features an extraordinary mirror effect that alternates with artificial misting, and it is truly a sight to behold.

The Miroir D'Eau location in Bordeaux receives the most photographs taken of any attraction in the city, and Unesco has designated it as a modern World Heritage Site. The surface area of this reflecting pool, which is 3,450 square meters, has turned out to be the most sizable reflecting pool of its kind in the world. The Water Mirror, which frequently features Place de la Bourse in the background, is now the site in Bordeaux that receives the most attention.

How to explore the Water Mirror?

  • It resembles a reflecting pool in the sense that it casts a reflection of the buildings that are in the surrounding area.
  • What is underneath the surface of the water mirror is much more interesting, despite the fact that it is a magnificent sight to behold from the surface. A drain encloses the shallow pool of water, and it features an underground reservoir with a capacity of 800 cubic meters (28,252 cubic feet). This reservoir enables the mirror to move through several continuous cycles thanks to the series of pumps within it. After 15 minutes of a few millimeters of water, there will be five minutes of water flow being stopped and a damp surface, followed by five minutes of fog that is made possible by hundreds of nozzles that have been specifically constructed for this purpose.
  • This area is extremely wonderful due to the cyclical changes that occur in the two centimeters of water that are present on a massive slab of granite.
  • Young children enjoy rolling around in it, and older children and teens enjoy making a video of their most recent dance performance in it.
  • It is a popular gathering spot for couples in love as well as summertime bathers who take pleasure in dipping their toes into the refreshing water.

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Address of The Water Mirror

Place De La Bourse, 33000, Bordeaux, France

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