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Heroes' Square may be found directly across from the gate leading into City Park and at the terminus of the well-known Andrássy Avenue. It's Budapest's largest and most prominent public square for a good reason. 

The height of the primary statue, which can be found in the center of the circle, is forty meters. This particular plaza is recognized as one of the oldest man-made monuments in the world, and it was given the status of a UNESCO world historic site in 2002. In addition to this, it stands in stark contrast to the town's other public areas.


Learn about why this square has a monument coined Millenium:

The founding of the Hungarian state one thousand years ago inspired the construction of the entire square, including the Millenium Monument, which derives its name from this momentous occasion. The time required to build this monument was significantly longer than that required to construct Heroes Square.

The archangel Gabriel, holds the Crown of Saint Stephen and the Apostolic Double Cross, and is perched atop the monument, which measures 45 meters in height. Both are recognized as emblems of Budapest.

It is well-known for the towering sculptures of Budapest's independence warriors and prominent figures:

Zala Gyorgy is responsible for the creation of each of the statues. There are seven statues depicting warriors standing guard at the base of the column. They are meant to symbolize the seven different tribes that came together in 1896 to establish the Principality of Hungary.

There are 14 statues of monarchs and other significant historical characters perched atop the colonnades surrounding the column at each of its four locations.

Embrace art in the prestigious museums in the vicinity:

When you glance about in Heroes' Square, you'll notice two impressive buildings in addition to the monument commemorating the millennium.

These buildings are home to the Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Hall (the Kunsthalle). The first museum is dedicated to international art from all periods, while the second is focused solely on contemporary art.

The greatest number of tourists, as well as photographers, can be found at this location just before sunset:

Bring your camera and its tripod, and you will undoubtedly produce some outstanding photographs. Even if photography isn't your thing, being on this beautifully lit square is a pleasant experience in and of itself.

Additionally, the early hours of the morning are perfect for being here. This square plays host to several national and cultural events throughout the year. 

The reburial of Imre Nagy, a leader who fought against the Soviets and also served as Prime Minister, is one of the many significant events that took place in this area. In the past, communist festivities were held here, and Imre Nagy was also Prime Minister. In addition, this is the location of the Nemzeti Vágta, a competition that highlights the Hungarian riding tradition.

Explore the neighborhood: 

If one wants to experience the crispness of the dew, one should go to City Park early in the morning or take a stroll down Andrassy Avenue. Both of these locations are excellent choices.

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Address of Heroes' Square

Andrassy Avenue Next to City Park in the VI. District, Budapest 1062 Hungary

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